Benefits of a Washing Machine Cover

by Sally Rabone, Owner/Manager Covers N More

Why use a washing machine cover?

Good question.  Let me tell you my story...15 years ago I proudly bought a new washing machine.  It was delivered and placed next to the laundry trough, a common place for washing machines that need access to hot and cold water.

At first I didn't bother covering the machine and did my usual washing, and some weekly hand washing.  A few years went by and I began to notice small rust spots along the side seam of my top loader washing machine. Shock!... horror!  How could this have happened.  Poor workmanship or due to water spashes from the laundry trough when hand washing?  At first I thought it to be a little of both.  Something quick had to be done if I wanted this machine lasting and looking like new.

After cleaning the rust as well as I could, I proceeded to then use a large bath towel on the top which had about 19cm overhang on each side of the machine, however, on examining the machine more closely, I noticed that the top control panel section of the machine was collecting some dirt and dust.  Therefore, I thought that a better solution was needed.  The towel had to be replaced with something else.  This is when I designed my washing machine cover with the same overhang around the sides, but also across the front and over the control panel.

The fabric I chose was quilted poplin.  It seemed thick enough to protect the machine from water splashes and laundry basket scratches and was machine washable.  To stop it slipping off, I attached velcro ties to the cover and self adhesive ties placed on the back of the machine secured the cover firmly. This has proven to be a good solution for my washing machine cover dilemma.

The beginnings of Covers N More

I started my business "Covers N More" in August 2012 when family and friends kept commenting on what a good idea the washing machine cover was.   I wanted this cover (and other covers) to be available to people who care about their home appliances and furniture.

Benefits of a Washing Machine Cover

Back to the benefits...since using my washing machine cover, the rust has never come back so I guess the cause must have been water from the laundry trough.  To summarise, here's what I see as the benefits of using a washing machine cover:

  • Reduces the risk of outside upper side seam rust from water spashes when the machine is placed next to a laundry trough
  • Reduces the risk of scratches from a laundry basket when placed on top of the machine
  • Helps keeps the machine clean, too often, a washing machine becomes a handy benchtop, and
  • Helps keep dust, dirt and grime off the top and front control panel of Top Loaders and Front Loaders.

I hope this blog has provided some useful reading why a washing machine cover is a useful item to have in your home, whether it's a Top Loader or Front Loader. 

Since starting my business with the washing machine, I have slowly increased my range to include products for the Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry, Living and some for kids.  In December 2012, Covers N More was granted an Australian Design Patent from the Patent Office for the washing machine cover.  Perhaps some day the washing machine cover may become available at your local retail store... here hoping!

WARNING: Always check with the manufacturers instructions before placing a cover on any electrical appliance.