Washing Machine & Dryer Covers - Custom Made

Top Load Washing Machine, Front Load Washing Machine & Dryer Covers

  • Custom made covers to suit all top load and front load washing machines & dryers
  • Same styles suits washing machine and dryer
  • Protects appliance from scratches, dust, rust due to water splashes and general wear and tear
  • Lots of fashionable colours to choose from
  • Cover up an old appliance that is looking a little tired and worn but still working well
  • Australian Registered Patent Design
  • Easy care and durable fabrics, including fully waterproof and UPF30+ fabrics available for outdoor appliances
  • Select the right fabric.  Click Fabric Option for more information
  • Complete the relevant form based on style (see below) and we will get back to you with an obligations fee quote 
  • Four styles are as follows.  Click on the picture below and you will be directed to the right form













Appliance Cover Warning The Appliance Cover is sold under the following conditions:
WARNING: Appliance Covers are sold with the following warning: Some appliances can have a tendency to turn on automatically and ignite items placed on top of it. This can occur spontaneously or as a result of power surges. Before placing the cover on your appliance, ensure it is switched off or unplugged at the wall at all times while the cover is on it. Please ensure your appliance has been cleaned and wiped with a clean dry cloth after each use before placing the cover on top. Covers N More accepts no liability for any damage occurring , either personal or to property as a result of the use of our appliance cover.


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