Choosing an Ironing Board Cover

How to choose a good quality Ironing Board Cover

Do you have a love/hate relationship with ironing? That is, do you love ironing or hate ironing? Most people find time precious these days and ironing is usually not on the priority list unless you have an ironing business. So, these days, we tend to select easy care clothes that require little or no ironing. However, sometimes ironing cannot be avoided.

What to look for when choosing a good ironing board cover

Choosing a good ironing board cover can make ironing time quicker, easier and more pleasant. Here are some basic tips when purchasing your ironing board cover:

  • Ensure that the cover is made from high quality durable heavy duty 100% cotton drill. This will ensure the cover lasts longer and easily absorbs moisture from the iron and that it will also withstand heat transferred from the iron.
  • Choose a well padded cover. For example, wadding (the filling between the two layers of fabric) made from Dacron (min weight of 200 gr/m2) is the ideal choice as it will give a smooth surface and help retain heat. Also, good padding in a cover is essential to getting good results when ironing.
  • Choose a reversible cover that will give you longer usage. Also, a reversible cover is a popular choice with craft makers. For example, use one side when working with fusible interfacing, quilting or appliqué work. Keep the other side clean for regular ironing.
  • Choose a cover without frustrating ties. instead, select a cover that has tight elastic sewn in the seam around the edge of the cover. This will ensure the cover is secured firmly to the ironing board frame when fitted and will not slip or move easily while ironing.
  • Choose a cover that is machine washable.

Covers N More make ironing board covers that meet all of the above criteria and are excellent value-for-money. Compare our covers with others on the market and you will be pleasantly surprised with what we offer, including fun designs to help make ironing a little more bearable. Read the testimonials from our many satisfied customers.  Happy ironing!

Dacron wadding used as padding                        Use of quality elastic                                                                   The finished Cover