Custom Made Oval or Unusual Shaped Table Protector

Covers for Unusual Shape Tables such as Oval, Octagonal, Boat Shape, etc

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Below is an example of an Oval or Unusual (Octagonal) shaped table.  
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  • Protect your table investment 
  • Perfectly fitting and well made
  • Long lasting & durable 
  • Wide range of colours and fabrics available
  • Reasonably priced
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Measurements and Requirements for Oval Tables

Normally, fabric quilt is used on the top of the table and sides of the cover and a matching colored fabric is used underneath the table to enclose your choice of either 'draw cord' or 'elastic' fitting.

Please provide the following measurements in cm or centimetres

Note : If your table has a bevelled edge, please include this in the measurements below.

Fitting Type

NOTE: Oval Tables tend to vary in shape.  At Covers N More we make the oval ends of our covers in the shape of a perfect half circle.  If your table is different, a template may be required.  Preparing a template is easy to do and details will be sent if the quote is accepted.

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